Research conducted as part of my PhD at University of Florida.

The future of cold‐adapted plants in changing climates: Micranthes (Saxifragaceae) as a case study Stubbs RL, Soltis DE, Cellinese N. Ecology and Evolution. 2018;8:7164–7177.

Pseudo-parallel patterns of disjunctions in an Arctic-alpine plant lineage. Stubbs, R. L., R. A. Folk, C.-L. Xiang, D. E. Soltis, and N. Cellinese. 2018a. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 123:88–100.

In the field...

Extensive fieldwork collecting Micranthes will help to clarify the taxonomy and phylogeny of this enigmatic genus. Fieldwork spanned three field seasons: contiguous United States, China, and Alaska.

Research & Analyses

I have assembled a comprehensive molecular dataset aimed at reconstructing the evolutionary history of Micranthes. To produce the most robust and accurate phylogeny, for each species I included accessions from multiple populations and sequenced hundreds of low-copy nuclear genes plus the majority of the chloroplast genome using next-generation sequencing techniques.